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Dalziel + Scullion - 'The Horn'

The M8 Art Project

Installed in 1997, ‘The Horn’ is an elegant 24 metre-high tubular stainless steel structure that is situated on the west bound carriageway of the M8 motorway, approximately halfway between Glasgow and Edinburgh. Designed by Scottish artists Matthew Dalziel and Louise Scullion, it was originally commissioned to act as landmark between the two cities, stimulating drivers on a stretch of road that was notoriously bleak and featureless. From a rigid stepped concrete foundation, its silvery vertical form tapers for eighteen metres, before modulating into a swan-like neck which flares in turn into an oval trumpet. Pointing towards the motorway, periodically the Horn “speaks” to the cars that speed past below - one mechanism to another. The occupants, sealed inside their vehicles, may not be aware of this voice, others may have heard that it speaks, whilst others still may exit the motorway at junction 4, and walk to the base to clearly hear the Horn’s voice. To hear the sound emitted by ‘The Horn’ click on the link to the right.

West Lothian Council has shown great vision and determination in realising this ambitious and unique project, which reflects its aspirations for the area. The project is also a significant feat of engineering, and has involved some of the country’s foremost experts in this field. The Horn has attracted considerable interest, both nationally and internationally. Councillor Allister Mackie, Deputy Provost and arts spokesman commented: "We want to get across the idea that West Lothian is an exciting place in which to live and an innovative location to build a successful business."

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Dalziel + Scullion - 'The Horn' Soundtrack Excerpt (MP3 704 KB)
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