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Vong Phaophanit, 'Sky Lines'

Sculpture at Tyrebagger

This work is the largest in Sculpture at Tyrebagger, and viewed from a distance the group has a significant presence on the hillside. Each trunk has been drilled with hundreds of holes, which reduce the physical weight of each tree. When viewed from close quarters the holes in the spires frame views into the landscape. These views are unique to each individual viewer. The holes also produce a noise when the wind blows through them. This new work by Vong Phaophanit continues to explore his interest in identifying and questioning perceived and real boundaries in the environments he works in.

"…the viewer will, it is hoped, better be able to sense his/her relation with the environment of which s/he is a part. In this sense the trunks will function rather like a frame surrounding a painting. They embody a strong physical presence of their own and yet beyond this and more important are the apertures which perforate their solid form and open onto the world beyond. It is hoped that our gaze will be awakened by this myriad of fragments glimpsed through 720 passages".

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